Jesse Chaffin, MPH
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 08/23/2022

Jesse Chaffin Bio


I have worked to promote and enable student, faculty and staff well-being in higher education for almost a decade. I am passionate about evidence based practices to promote, enable and assess progress toward wellness goals and am committed to researching, and articulating the value of the co-curricular across higher education. Prior to arriving at OSU Center for Health Sciences, I worked at Mannford Public Schools where I served as an Assistant Football Coach for two years. As the head of the Department of Wellness, I have responsibility to develop and grow health and well-being programs and services for OSU CHS faculty, staff, students, and residents in our institution, and serve as a partner and advocate for our associates in the Osteopathic Medical Education Consortium of Oklahoma (OMECO).  In addition to my professional roles, I’ve recently decided to continue my education by pursuing a Doctorate in Health Care Administration with hopes of merging my current knowledge of public health with the operational side of medicine.