Matthew Maxey, RN
Disclosures: Nothing to disclose - 08/08/2022

Matthew Maxey BSN, MLA, RN

Director of Health Access Network at OSU-CHS


Matthew’s career in healthcare started over 25 years ago.  During that time he made a series of successful moves through an array of specialized care areas. Matt’s career track garnered him a unique set of skills, which ultimately equipped him with an expansive collection of abilities that range from direct patient care to healthcare administration. Each of these positions brought with them an ever increasing amount of responsibility. 

Matt’s career started in emergency room services. He continued working in that setting for eleven years while collecting specialized certifications for trauma & cardiac care issued by the nationally recognized programs of TNCC, ACLS, and PALSMatt’s post ER phase of his career included various aspects of healthcare management both in and out of hospital settings.  Matt’s healthcare leadership roles have spanned across both direct care roles and those of a more executive style of management and they have included; Charge Nurse in emergency services, Hospital Department Manager, Hospital House Supervisor, Hospital Administrator On-Call, Long Term Care Facility Director of Nursing encompassing basic geriatric care, skilled nursing, and Alzheimer’s care, Hospital Director of Nursing encompassing a full array of mental health treatment programs, substance abuse recovery, acute traumatic brain injury (TBI), atraumatic brain injury (ABI) rehabilitation, and finally long term rehabilitation & stabilization of post-acute TBI/ABI’s with and without severe behavior disorders.  Matt also obtained another nationally recognized certification during this time of Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) allowing him to develop, implement, and educate direct care staff on strategies to properly manage this population with safe and effective outcomes

Additional skills Matt honed during this time include, development of hospital policies and procedures (P&P), annual reviews of existing policies, and revisions to P&P as needed in accordance with changing CMS codes, standards of care, and conditions of participation.  Along the same lines of keeping up with the aforementioned changes, Matt has firsthand experience with surveys from large accreditation/governing bodies such as CARF, CMS, DMH, JCAHO, OHCA, OSDH, & OSHA.  During Matt’s time in hospital management, he received an invitation to speak at the 90th annual national convention of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine on his successful implementation of his personal restraint reduction program within the TBI management programs he helped create and manage

Currently Matt is providing leadership to a highly proficient team of RN & LCSW Care Managers who facilitate much needed resources to the SoonerCare population in Oklahoma.  One of the major focal points for Matt and his team is to improve patient access to quality healthcare found within the OSU-CHS clinic system as well as other OSU-Adjunct clinic facilities in rural in Oklahoma.